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Modern Twist on a Classic Watch: Orient Disk

The Orient brand may be best known for classic, timeless watch designs, but Orient is also no stranger to unique, trendy watches and modern twists on classic designs.

One such example is the Disk series, which is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Six watches make up the series, and although each watch offers something different, whether coloring or band material, these watches contain all the same essential features.

And perhaps the most notable feature is the watch series’ namesake, Disk. Check out all the details of these unique watches here.


The Disk watch’s namesake is, naturally, its most defining feature. Disk features an hour disk with a triangular cutout, rather than an ordinary hand. Yet this special design feature doesn’t stop there.

As the hour disk rotates throughout the day, the cutout reveals a color pattern that shifts colors as the day progresses. The pattern, of course, depends on which Disk watch you choose, but color patterns include blue/white, orange/white, or more complex purple/red/yellow combinations.

While this design feature is super special, Disk has lots of other great things to offer as well. Read on!


A mechanical Orient watch wouldn’t be complete without an in-house movement, one of Orient’s hallmarks.

That said, Disk features an Orient Caliber 48743 mechanical movement with date complication. As with other Orient mechanical movements, this one offers approximately 40-hour power reserve. This means that Disk runs for about 40 hours, untouched, from one full charge. A charge is attained by simply wearing or shaking a mechanical watch.

The date indicator is located at the 3, and can be adjusted by pulling the crown out halfway and turning. The time, however, can be changed by fully pulling the crown out and turning.

So, what else is great about Disk?

Other Essentials

A watch this good has lots to offer. Here are some additional essentials:

Sapphire Crystal

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal adorns both the front and back of Disk. The crystal on the exhibition case back is a different color, depending on the watch style you choose. This design feature offers yet another unique twist on the standard exhibition case back.

Water Resistance

Disk features 50m water resistance. Though not the ultimate water resistance, 50m resists splashes, sweat, and other moisture as well as swimming in shallow water.

Solid Materials

Whether you choose the Disk style with a genuine leather band, stainless steel band, or stainless steel band with IP coating, you can be sure that your watch is built with solid materials. Additionally, all Disk watches are contained in a stainless steel case.

Perhaps best of all, though, is that despite the fact that this watch diverts from a classical look, it can still pair well with dress, business, and/or professional attire as well as casual wear.

Want more on this watch? Check out Worn & Wound’s Orient Disk review. Have a favorite Disk watch feature? Leave a comment below!

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