Meet Kimberly Senzaki!

How is keeping time important in your line of work?

Keeping time is a crucial part of what I do. Store operations, customer needs, and bathroom breaks - all need to be done with a productive pace.

Tell us about Gratus in Beverly Hills and what makes it special.

Gratus is a very intimate, personal shopping experience. We will sometimes go into our client's closets to have a clear understanding of their needs fashion-wise and emotionally. I facilitate both of these. We seek out lines from all over the world to create a perfectly curated collection every season.

They say the devil is in the details. What completes an outfit in your opinion?

What completes an outfit for me is confidence. A girl can be walking down the street in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. She doesn't have to question if she looks sexy enough, or if she is underdressed. She is comfortable in what she is wearing and comfortable in her own skin. It's completely effortless yet completely impactful.

We've been following your style and can see you've mixed a lot of high-end designers with street wear in your outfits; Do you take time to piece this together or does it just all fall into place?

It really all falls into place. I also tend to dress for comfort. I love wearing a runway skirt from Marni with a sweatshirt and sneakers. I don't feel like myself, if everything is too "perfect."

You're a fan of menswear, can you tell us what you love most?

I love the ease of dressing androgynous. I love boxier shapes, I don't like to feel my clothes. You can probably find me shopping in the menswear department, buying large cashmere sweaters at any given time.

What's the best piece of style advice you can give to anyone, anywhere in the world regardless of budget?

ONE INCREDIBLE PIECE OF OUTERWEAR. This is the advice I give to anyone that asks me. Invest in that fantastic Moto Jacket or Bomber you have been eyeing. Wear a pair of sweatpants and throw on a great jacket, and I guarantee you will still feel like you woke up in a new Bugatti.

What do you find yourself listening to right now?

I've been listening to music that is nostalgic to me lately. SlowdiveMy Bloody ValentineQuicksand, and Sonic Youth. It must be all of the 90's revival that is going on.

Where is the most beautiful place you've traveled to?

Sacré-Cœur, Paris (at dawn)

If you could go anywhere any time past or present where and when would you go?

In & Out right now to eat a cheeseburger animal style.

Los Angeles native Kimberly Senzaki is a partner/stylist for Gratus in Beverly Hills, California. She has styled many red carpet looks for some of your favorite celebrities, as well as curated the closets of the most chic people around! Like many music lovers, she also DJs in Los Angeles on occassion. You can follow Gratus on Instagram here, and Kimberly herself here!

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