The Luxury Racing Watch: The New Rally Models are Here!

The luxury sport watch category has always been a popular niche within the watch industry, and one could say that it may have been responsible for the rise of several prominent brands. With luxury sport watches today, the imbalance of price and function is a usually a barrier of entry for many. We’d like to introduce two new Rally models, Orient’s take on the poised luxury sport watch. You may recall the Rally collection from the past, which were bona fide sport watches with a racing-inspired appeal. However, these new additions to the collection are on the opposite end of the spectrum, sporting a familiar look but laced in a more upscale design.

The two models are offered in either pearl white or jet black, and feature a very prominent semi-skeleton dial design, a hallmark of the whole collection. This juxtaposes the elegance of the dial with the beauty of our caliber 46R40 automatic movement. A semi-skeleton design allows for a transparent look at the inner workings of the movement, and a visual explanation of how it actually ticks. The dial is adorned with rose accents in a similarly tasteful manner found on the watch as a whole. The outer edge of the dial features a slide rule, a very useful tool for quick calculations on the go.

The case of the watch is a fairly large 43.7mm. It is two toned, with a sporty, toothed black bezel and smooth rose tone lugs. Two crowns on either side of the case allow for the use of the slide rule and time setting. The Rally stays true to the idea of a semi-transparent look-- the case back of the watch is see-through as well, brilliantly exhibiting the movement that is well decorated. The leather strap is curved and fitted into the bracelet, capped with an exquisite deployment clasp.

The Rally successfully fuses its masculine racing design with a lavish feel, making it one of the premier luxury sport watches in our collection.

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