Landing that First Job: Men

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Men's - Orca




Are you are still in high school, college or trade school but about to enter the workforce? What's your mission when you hit the job interview trail?  Whether it's your outstanding GPA, amazing work experience, or snazzy attire, you have one job on the day of your interview: impress! The first step to becoming a professional is getting the job you want. And how do you get it? At the interview, you will be judged not only on your credentials, but also on your personality and appearance. A watch is a staple in the professional world.  It not only helps keep you punctual, but it completes your attire and makes you look put-together. Remember you only get one shot at a FIRST impression.

Orient carries a number of watches that will help you stand out and look top notch in the pool of new graduates. The orient Orca (pictured above) is a perfect example in helping you achieve a look that says "I’m the person for the job!" A few other options, depending on your style, might be the Charm (left) or the Brazen (right). Be sure to check out Orient’s website for more options!

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