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It's Oscar Rangel!

What got your love for music started?

My mother would always have the radio on or records playing growing up. We didn't spend a day at home without music being a part of it and my parents would take my siblings and I to free concerts when they could. In terms of adopting a band as my own, I would give the title to The Smiths as being the band that I heavily followed when I was younger because that's the cooler, older kids on my street listened to. Who doesn't want to be like the cooler, older kids as a child? Los Angeles' KROQ was also my hub for music that I also called my own with Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order always on rotation in the late 80's and into the 90's.

What was your first concert?

The first live concert I went to was a free concert with Vicente Fernandez at Pico Rivera Sports Arena in the 1980's. It was a promotional event sponsored by Spanish station KWKW 1330 am that had side stages with acts like Selenas y Los Dinos, Chalino Sanchez and other up-and-coming Spanish artists before the main event. Our parents took us as kids and we liked it because there was a lot of sponsor tents giving free food and drinks, as well as games as well as a guy dressed as a Kool-Aid man walking around greeting kids.

How long has The Scenestar been around? 

The Scenestar started eight years ago after a meeting between writers, photographers and myself at Brite Spot in Echo Park. Most of them contributed to a now defunct music blog ambitious-outsiders.com and we all combined our efforts to start a new site with info we thought our readers would like. It took about 6-8 months from that meeting for the website to go live to share with the world. Our first post was a review of Morrissey's show in Chicago at Aragon Ballroom in November of 2006. Only two of us are left that are consistent contributors of The Scenestar but we all remain friends to this day.

What's your favorite thing about what The Scenestar gives to its readers?

Set times are one of the things we love delivering to our readers. It helps with time management and for some, it means the difference between attending a concert or not. Sometimes even being able to go to two or three in one night!

You have to publish things in a timely fashion on your blog... How are you with keeping time and time-management?

It depends on the day of the week. Some days are busier that others but one of the things that helps is concentrating on sticking to a game plan on what does or doesn't get posted throughout the day. Mostly a balance of club shows, bigger tours and what stories can wait based on onsale dates for particular shows. We go over what stories we split up amongst each other and go from there so we won't be overwhelmed

Who's a good local Los Angeles band that you learned of in 2014 that we should keep an eye out for?

Los Angeles' De Lux is a band [that] we're shocked haven't been picked up more around the country. They get a good amount of play on local station KCRW and their latest release Voyage will help get them to the next level in 2015.

When you're not at a show, at work, or writing for The Scenestar, what are you doing?

Sleeping. When awake, it's spending time with my girlfriend Susan and the kids or with friends or family. If not, at home vegging out to Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones or listening to my record collection.

What's your favorite watch style?

The Independence because it is simple, yet stylish. It has a classic look with a modern touch. Being able to see the date and time at a glance is much more efficient for me than having to dig my smartphone out of my pocket, and it makes me look way cooler too!

Where's the most beautiful place you've ever been?

Teotihuacan just outside of Mexico City. It's amazing how my ancestors built such complex structures at that time. The climb to the top of the tallest temples are steep but the views and sense of accomplishment once you get up there is very fulfilling.

If you could go anywhere, any time past/future/present - where would you go and why?

I wouldn't go into the past because I wouldn't be where I am today without the bad and good decisions that shaped me into the person I am at this time. I want to look forward to the future and travel more to places I haven't been. On my list is Iceland because it's so beautiful, Peru so I can visit the ruins of Machu Picchu or back to Australia to eat more vanilla slice. I can't find it here in the U.S.! So delicious.

Oscar Rangel is the content editor for Los Angeles-based music blog TheScenestar.com. He co-founded it with other like-minded music lovers to fill a void of music news tailored to this city. You can follow The Scenestar on Twitter: @TheScenestar and Instagram: @thescenestar and of course at www.thescenestar.com

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