It's Here! The SoMa is Now Available!

We are proud to bring you Orient's latest unisex watch, the SoMa, a timepiece that is a modern interpretation of classic watches from the past. A part of our new Spring/Summer 2015 collection, its contemporary and classic aesthetics are reflected in the appearance of the dial and smaller case size. The vivid color combinations of the SoMa are matched with superb wearability and near weightlessness, while the technology within the watch's movement is second to none.

Our new SoMa watches have features suitable for everyone. A defining feature of the watch is its elegant guilloche pattern starts at the center of the dial and works it way outward. Each curve of the pattern catches light and makes the dial radiant. This unique effect is enhanced by the SoMa's semi-domed crystal. The date window is cleanly and thoughtfully placed at the 6 o’clock position. Roman numerals and leaf shaped hands were used to round out the classic-inspired aesthetic. These timepieces are available in four different colorways: Maroon Rose Gold, White Rose Gold, Black Gold, and White Steel Blue.

Past its attractive looks, the SoMa is a powerhouse with some notable technical details! Measured at 37.5mm wide and just 12.2mm thick, this size is appropriate for the style and look of the watch. Vintage timepieces are historically on average no larger than 36mm, the size of the SoMa captures the feel of a classic watch, while still maintaining it's modernity. Its thin leather strap cuts the weight of the watch, and the curvature of the lugs improves comfort on the wrist. Although the case appears to be built in layers, it is actually one single solid piece. The SoMa is powered by the revered Orient caliber 48743 automatic movement, entirely constructed in Northern Japan.

With its unique elegant appearance, thoughtful technical details, and practical functionality The SoMa collection will help you stay chic in the warm days of Summer ahead. Thanks to the four distinct color variations, there is a SoMa watch for everyone!"

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