Introducing The Orient Sky Series

orient sky

When Valdimir frolm NY suggested the name "Orient Sky Series" we knew we had a winner for our Name That Watch contest. After sending Vlad his new Sky, we asked him to send us some photos. In addition to providing pictures, Vladimir explained a little about his current collection and his love for Orient.

orient sky series

orient sky series

"Thanks for the award.

I am really enjoying wearing the ORIENT Sky watch with the blue, as a sky, dial. This timepiece is so modern and distinguished, yet timeless. It is a perfect fit to my wrist, not too large, not too small. I became aware of the ORIENT brand back in the late 80’s while still in Eastern Europe. Then, just a few ORIENT models were available, mostly large and bulky. Today, ORIENT offers a huge variety of unique models. My wish is to wear a different ORIENT watch every day of the week. Thanks you very much for such enjoyable ORIENT experience."



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