Introducing the Envoy Version 2!

Last fall, we unveiled the Envoy collection, a larger set of watches that featured a pronounced domed crystal and an elegant open heart display. For our current fall collection, we’re excited to unveil an addition to the Envoy family: the Version 2. While on paper they seem similar, a closer look reveals how different they really are.

The first thing you’ll notice about these new models is the stunning color contrast. Roman numerals were swapped for Arabic numerals, and the crisp classic numbers and hands make the dial easily legible while the train track print around the outside play up an antique-inspired look. Furthermore in its considered design, the dial has been treated purposefully with a very subtle sunburst finish in order improve visibility and capture a timeless look.

In terms of overall dimensions, the Version 2 is identical to the original at 43mm across. While it may seem to be large for most, darker dials usually tend to make watches appear smaller on the wrist. Like the RA-AG00 Open Heart and the original Envoy, the Envoy Version 2 is powered by the 22-jeweled F6T22 movement, which can be seen from the open heart window in the front and the exhibition case back.

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