Introducing Sean Patrick!

You've been an important promoter and DJ in the LA scene for a long while. Our favorite endeavor of yours was Temporary Spaces, can you describe the concept behind that? Thank you, that is my favorite project that I've dne in Los Angeles. I was previously producing these guerilla art shows for about a year, with over 500 people attending, and saw that people were hungry for something new and different. My partner Jonnie & I found this old dive bar that was going to [get] pushed out of the neighborhood. So, knowing we had a year timeline, I thought of the idea "temporary spaces." We felt confident that we could land more spots in the future to take over for short periods, so I named it Temporary Spaces: Volume One... we ended up doing three of them. The idea of TS:1-3 was that we would program various weekly & monthly parties, along with very special one-offs. The sound system, the furniture, the staff, the deejays, the hosts, lighting fixtures, and even the paint and wood-stain themes came with us to each location. We were the first place besides a couple megaclubs to really attention to sound, too. Man, I Loved our sound system!!! This was also years before "Pop-Up," "Paul & Andre's," "Smoke & Mirror." We had some amazing talent come through, often their 1st time playing in L.A. - LCD SoundsystemFriendly Fires, Lady Sovereign, Metronomy, Matthew Dear, Damian Lazarus, Simon Baker, Soul Clap, Metro Area, Jacques Renault, Lee Foss, Pase Rock, Anthony Collins, Populette, Terrance Parker, Holy Ghost, Classixx, Boom Bip, Kim Ann Foxman, Stretch Armstrong, So Me, Juan MacLean Can you tell us about your other milestones with innovating and changing the nightclub scene? The only other periods that really stand out to me are more of a bygone era. When we used to do Les Deux in the early 2000s, and then when we started Tropicana, and then Teddys at The Roosevelt hotel, 2005-2006. Really solid door policy, amazing guests, and a truly fun scene. But that was just before TMZ and then the iPhone. That took a lot of the freedom some of the more "recognizable" figures were able to feel [while there]. It's a real shame and I don't know if we'll ever get that energy back. You also started up a record label. Can you tell us about that? I'm so excited about the label I own with my amazing partner Eric Sharp. It's called RIS Labs (Rock It Science Laboratories). It's a real family affair and we have a solid roster of 7 Artists and we are commingling. It's been an extra treat working on the graphics for our album artwork & event flyers. We've also been lucky enough to pull off a music video for each of our releases so far. How would you describe your musical history? Wow, that's a very big and loaded question. I'm going to have to date myself in order to answer this question. I started over 25 years ago, so I've nearly seen it all... and I wouldn't trade for anything. I've been there for early punk, birth of hip hop, the heyday of house and techno, the welcomed infusion of electroclash & indie dance. It's been an amazing ride and has informed me on many levels. There was a point early on where my life might have gone a different way, but with one simple, uninformed youth infused decision, I'm here today. How is time important when you're coming up with timelines for your label, and deadlines for your artists? Time is a funny thing when it comes to me... and my friends would laugh at this one. I hate to liken myself to a shark, because I'm not that aggressive (plus I'm a Vegan) but, I don't really sleep much. I often tell people that my life is like a game of Tetris. I'm constantly on the go and making things fit with my varying schedule, which includes plenty of fun time and fitness. I enjoy the pressure of deadlines and able to find balance for "me" time. How does time relate to the art of DJing? I definitely take into account what my set time/length is for each of my gigs. I come from an era where DJs played for 4-6 hours 4 times a week. I'm best when I have time to tell a story and play to room with patience and intent. What's your favorite song of the moment and why? Wow, another very hard question to answer. I often get asked who my favorite Band or Artists is and my response is aways the same. I can't really answer that because there's just so much music in my head. I have around 20,000 records on vinyl and I haven't purchased a record since 2005. With that said, I'll pick a few that are in heavily my sets right now... Simian Mobile Disco - Parson's Nose Gerd feat Marcoradi - Still Believe Caribou - Can't Do Without You The Acid - Basic Instinct Your favorite watch style: 1st Choice -EM65 2nd Choice -Disk 3rd Choice -Constellation What is the one piece of style advice you can give to any person on the planet? Don't chase trends... aka classic always wins. Where is the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to? Queen's Pond at the Polihale Beach on Kauai... Amazing. If you could go back in time, where and when would you go and why? I'll keep it in a musical context, Google this... "4 June 1976"  

Sean Patrick is a musician, and event producer. We love his style and music curation; Chances are the best parties you've been to in Los Angeles have involved him! Follow Bystander Music on Facebook and follow him on Instagram: @therealseanpatrick

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