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Introducing Mike Kinsella!

We know you as a fantastic drummer and guitarist, what else do you play?

I also play piano (much less fantastically) but most of my time is spent playing hide and seek around the house.

As a drummer and a musician in general - do you find keeping time comes naturally to you?

Actually, yeah.

You started touring when you were young and still in high school. How have things changed with technology; And how have things stayed the same?

It's changed so much! The internet didn't really exist yet. No one had cell phones. You had to look at an actual map to get places!

The shows are the same though - playing your songs, trying to make a connection with the people there to see you.

Can you tell us about your latest release of cover songs, aptly titled "Other People's Songs" on Polyvinyl Records? 

Polyvinyl had the idea as a way to keep my solo project (Owen) active while I'm busy playing with other bands this year. Essentially I got to record a new album without having to write any songs. I enjoyed the process way more than I thought I would and am already thinking about which songs will go on the next one.

As far as personal style, what's the one piece of advice you could give to anyone in the world, regardless of budget?

Everybody looks good in Vans.

Your favorite Orient watch is the Voyager, what made you pick that one?

I like the pinstripes

What is something you must have on tour, or it's a bust?

Beer. No, wait! ...yeah, beer.

You're currently playing some shows with your band American Football after not having played for well over a decade (right?), what has it been like reuniting like this?

It's been so fun. And weird. We weren't popular at all when we broke up, so it feels great to play these songs in front of a lot more people who are excited to hear them.

What is the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to?

Tokyo. Specifically, Shibuya. I'm attracted to its crowded chaos.

If there was a time and place - past, present, or future that you could go to - where and when would it be?

I think I'd enjoy being a drunk cowboy somewhere out west sometime in the late 1800's.

Mike Kinsella is a Chicago native and multi-instrumentalist musician currently in projects like American Football, Owen, Owls, and Their They're There. (And previously in many others!) You can follow him on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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