The Handsome New Howard Collection!

The handsome Howard collection celebrates both the past and present, in both design and functionality. In short, it could be described as the modern gentleman’s watch, one that is a tad larger in size, but understated in design.

The design is inspired by none other than the art deco style of the late 19th century. This is evidenced by the smooth curve of the Arabic numerals and of course the luxe pinstripe detailing. Interesting enough, it does not feature any kind of lume, which plays up to the modern dress watch concept. The modern 40.5mm case size isn’t obtrusive, and should fit and look well on pretty much anyone’s wrist. The case is mostly brushed steel, except for the bezel and caseback, which is exhibition style. The Howard is powered by the newly developed caliber F6722, which is automatic, hand-winding, and hacking.

The collection consists of three colorways: Black/Rose, Black/Steel, and Rose/Blue Steel, which will look great for both him and her.

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