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Good Lookin' - The New Orient Curator FFD0J003A0

One of the newest additions to the Orient Executive collection is the Orient Curator (FD0J). It utilizes Orient's signature power reserve function along with a sapphire crystal. And while to us these functions are very familiar, there is something about the Curator that is inherently different from all of the classic/dress watches currently in Orient’s collection.

The Orient Curator has the look of a classic watch but the detailing are of those found on something sporty. The case is fully polished throughout, including the screwed case back, crown and buckle. The dial is a completely different story. The FFD0J003A0 is the grey dialed version from the Curator collection, and it surely is unique. It has a subtle sunburst effect, and while grey might not be a color associated with glamour, its rich enough to pick up the light and shine appropriately. However the defining feature of the Curator collection is the hands and hour markers. The hands and bar indexes are brushed stainless steel— which is not exactly a first for the Orient line, but the first in recent memory. And to put things further, the look is absolutely astonishing. Each index is lifted, with the surfaces being brushed and the side panels polished which achieves a similar glimmer to the dial. The dauphine hands are brushed at the straightest points and polished at the sloping edges.

The 41mm case size is certainly more conventional and less classic. It’s only 11mm thick and has a lug to lug width of about 45.5mm. The lugs are 22mm across. The leather band is a matte black crocodile print which is very similar to the one found on the DW08004B “Eminence”.  This is a superb contrast to the gloss leather bands featured on other Orient Classic watches.

In all, the new Orient Curator is a great piece for someone who isn’t looking for a lot of flash, but looking for a subtle, contemporary watch. It is embellished with features not normally seen on many watches in the market, much less other pieces from Orient’s line.  The subtle sophistication in the Curator (especially the FFD0J003A and its grey dial) is something that won’t go out of style. Priced at $415 for the FFD0J003A ($290 after using code ‘spring2013’ at check out), the Curator comes at an incredible bargain.

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