Gift Guide - For Dads and Grads!

Looking for a gift for an upcoming high school or college graduate? How about the perfect gift for Dad? We've got both covered. Take a look at our picks for both Dads and Grads. Don't forget to use code "dadsandgrads" for 30% off, free shipping and free watch!

At Under $175

Capital (UG1R) - $195 The little brother to the super popular contemporary classic, the Capital is slimmer but nonetheless elegant in every single way. The quartz piece features a similar domed crystal in addition to day and date. It is a solid dress watch at a sliver of the price.          

Symphony (ER27007W) -$210 Essentially the foil to the contemporary classic, the Symphony features a flat crystal instead of a domed crystal. The overall dressy aesthetic oozes with sophistication and the larger case size brings this classic styled piece into the 21st century. Like the Captial, the Symphony is one of the best buys for a new graduate heading into the working world.          

Starfish (EM7J) - $215 The Starfish (along with the Stingray) is really the every man’s watch. With an easy-to-read dial and day and date function, coupled with its comfortable leather band, the Starfish is ready to go on any occasion.            

Stingray (EM7K) - $215 We think the Stingray is the sporty answer to the Starfish. It features a similar, easy-to-read dial and is put on a slick silicon band that will surely repel sweat and water. It is definitely a fine choice for relaxing during the warm summer months.          

Champion (ER2C) - $220 Now that your student has championed his education, it’s time to get him a fitting timepiece. The Champion is a no frills three hand and date watch. The dial is embellished with stainless steel bar indexes, a sunburst effect and guilloche styling in the middle.  It comes in a variety of colors: black, white, blue and green. Surely something for everyone!          

Field watch (ET0N) - $250 The field watch is one of the most underrated watches in our current catalog. Its pilot inspired dial sports day, date and 24-hour indicator functions. The dial is a unique brushed (more like bead blasted) case and matching buckle. It is offered on both a leather and stainless steel bracelet and in many different dial colors.              

Under $250 1. ER24 - $260 The ER24 may very well be the quintessential graduation present (aside from the Symphony and the EM65). A classic, simple dial with stainless steel indexes and hands, the ER24 is something your new grad will definitely enjoy and cherish for years to come. It is a great watch to tuck under the cuff or casually on the weekends. The complete package.            

EM65 - $245/$285 The one everyone’s talking about and arguably the top selling watch from our catalog. With a unidirectional bezel, day/date, 200m water resistance and much more, it is THE Orient diver’s watch. It can be found on both rubber and stainless steel bands. The great thing about the EM65 (and most divers) is that it can be worn on many, many diverse occasions.            

EM65 - $260/$295 The EM65 is very, very similar to the EM65, and really the main differences reside in the dial, bezel and bracelet . It features the same 469 movement (which celebrated its 40th anniversary a couple of years ago) and is also water resistant to 200m. It also comes on two different band choices. A fantastic piece for every day wear.            

DB08 - $295 The Orient DB08 is an exceptional piece, especially with its open-heart dial. The case comes at a great size (41mm) and comes in different materials like gold toned and rose gold toned. There aren’t very many watches on the market that have this feature which is why Orient’s line is one of the most comprehensive mechanical watch lines in the world.            

EM75 XL (EM7500) - $320 If the EM65 wasn’t enough, enter the EM75 XL. It’s larger in size (44.5mm) but boasts all of the same features found in the original – all the way down to the movement.            

Dignitary (ETAF004W) - $325 Square watches are not easily found on the market today, so we’re proud to have the Dignitary in our collection. This classic “tank”-like watch is embellished by one of the most classic color contrasts – a white dial with striking blue hands. And with its rugged yet polished stainless steel bracelet, it is a piece that the new grad will definitely take a liking to.            

Looking to splurge and make his graduation even more memorable? Here’s our list for over $250  

Vintage (FD0F002B) - $465 The FD0F Vintage model is one that embodies what Orient is all about. A hallmark feature of the brand is its power reserve indicator. Not only does the Vintage display power reserve, but it also shows the date. The dial has rich guilloche styled detailing and what’s more is that the dial is enclosed by a very scratch resistant sapphire crystal which keeps the watch looking new.  The Vintage comes on both a stainless steel bracelet and a leather band with a stainless steel deployment clasp.            

Explorer (DH00001B) - $715 Is your new graduate taking time off to study or travel abroad? The Explorer model will definitely keep him close to home: it features a dual time function that can effectively display the time in two different time zones. In addition to the power reserve indicator and date function, it has a slide rule in its inner bezel which comes in handy, especially in converting currency. The movement in this piece hacks, which means that when the crown is pulled out to its furthest position to set the time, it stops, which means the time can be synced and set more accurately.          

Journeyman World Time (FA05001B) - $715 If two time zones aren’t enough, why not have all of them? Our Journeyman World Timer displays the time in major cities around the world. A must have for the travel junkie.            

Orient Star Open Heart (DA0200) - $720 The Orient Star line is the top of the line from Orient. They are the highest quality collection of watches that Orient has to offer; every piece is put together in Japan, from the movement (all are made in Japan) to all the parts (case, dial, etc.). The Open Heart is definitely a looker. Building upon what the DB08 brought to the table, the Open Heart features a power reserve indicator. And at the price, it certainly will not break the bank. 2.

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