Fresh for Fall: The 2nd Generation AC00 (Version 1)!

Like the AA02 watch, our Contemporary Classic collection has garnered high praise, so much that it paved the way for additional models to the collection, including the vintage-inspired Version 2, and the contemporary-leaning Version 3. The original Contemporary Classic not only set the basis for the versions that followed, but for our Classic collection as a whole. It is an incredibly clean and thoughtful timepiece, one that drew attention from both enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

In what’s shaping up to be the year of technical upgrades and improvements (for example the AA02, AA02 USA II), the 2nd Generation AC00 (Version 1), is the first reveal from our new Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. In order to describe the design of the original Contemporary Classic, one must realize that it is anchored by two things: a domed crystal, and a domed dial. It would be these two features that would link all the collections together. The dial features a light, metallic sunburst dial that’s offset by polished hour markers and dauphine hands. A date window sat at the three o’clock marker, and a track of seconds markers worked its way around the edge of the dial. At first glance, the 2nd generation AC00 looks identical to the first. So what’s new? First, the dial has a minor alteration, which now reads “Water Resistant” instead of “Water Resist”. Second, and most importantly, the watch has been upgraded with the F6724 movement, a sibling of the F6922 which debuted with our summer diver watches. The F6724 movement is automatic, hand-winding, and hacking. Additionally, it is a date-only caliber, aligning perfectly with the design, and succeeding the workhorse 48743 movement. Is this a reissue of the original? Yes and no. The case dimensions and design largely remain unchanged, which makes sense for such a timeless looking watch, and a stalwart of our Classic collection.

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