Featured Watch - ORIENT x STI 2011

Orient is now featuring a new watch on the homepage,  the breathtaking ORIENT x STI 2011. The ORIENT x STI 2011 is a limited edition and the first model of the series to adopt the quartz movement. This amazing watch features a chronograph. This watch embodies the sleek and speed of motor sports and its precise timing reflects that style. This watch incorporates many of the features of the Subaru WRX STI. The turbo turbine,  the wheel,  and meter of the vehicle all inspired the shape and style of this limited edition watch. This watch is also equipped with a race utility that measures lap times in increments of 1/20 second.

This lightweight watch has a sharp gunmetal finish that really gives it a sporty yet sophisticated look. It has a tachometer bezel function and is water resistant up to 50m. Its red and black style looks perfect with the sleek stainless steel band. Everything about this watch is precise and sleek,  from design to functionality. This amazing watch can be yours for $440,  but hurry it won’t be around forever.

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