Fall Essentials: Our Top Five Fall Watches

The Monarch, in eggshell - The Monarch is the kind of watch that you put on, slip under a cuff and forget about until you need to check the time. It’s super convenient, and our Monarch in the eggshell colorway has deep metallic blue hands that may be hard to keep your eyes off of.

The Capital Version 2, in rose - If you’re looking for a crisp timepiece that’s not only accurate but also slim and weightless, the Capital Version 2 is right up your alley. The rose color is without a doubt a fall tone and should accent your outfit in all ways possible.

The Disk, in Black Gold - The Disk in black gold is a sleek, black-on-black timepiece with gold accents on the dial and an ever-changing hour hand that turns purple, white, or both. It’s certainly sports some flash without being too ornate, and is a subtle timepiece for those looking for something that can be worn daily.

The Multi-Calendar, in Black - The Multi-Calendar in black with the leather strap is probably one of the most versatile pieces from our Fall/Winter 2015 collection. It comes at a modest size of 42mm, and with simple stainless steel accents it’s the kind of watch that’ll look great with any kind of layered outfit.

The Symphony, with Numerals - The Symphony has been a staple of our USA collection for quite some time, and for good reason. This Symphony in white features large black Arabic Numerals, which not only deviates away from a traditional look, but plays up a kind of cool, casual, contemporary feel.

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