Days of Summer - The Orient Pro Saturation 300m Diver

This summer we’re bringing you a breakdown of an Orient Diver watch to celebrate the start of summer.

This week we’re covering the Orient Pro Saturation 300m Diver. It is a mammoth of watch, but behind the slab of sapphire crystal is a functional watch that has been used professionally for saturation diving.

About Saturation Diving

If you’re familiar with diving, you understand that Saturation and SCUBA diving are very, very different things. SCUBA is mostly recreational and Saturation diving is for commercial purposes, especially in the oil business. And while the current depth record for open circuit diving is 330m, most SCUBA dives are done safely at around 40m. Saturation diving has divers go down to about 200m. Saturation diving is based on the idea that when a diver descends and stays at a certain depth until no more gas can dissolve into his tissues (gas saturation) he will reach a saturation point. The saturation point is where the time required for decompression will be the same regardless of how long the diver remains at that certain depth. On oil rigs, saturation divers are pressurized for weeks until they are decompressed when their job is done.

The Pro Saturation 300m Watch

So how does the 300m Pro Saturation watch come into play? Most watches in the market feature helium escape valve, which should be pressed to release pressure during the decompression. The Orient Pro Saturation diver however is so overbuilt that it does not need an escape valve – it is helium gas-resistant and shock proof. The sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating is about 5mm thick.

The Orient Pro Saturation Diver features a power reserve indicator and date function. The chapter ring displays minutes and seconds and the each hour indicator is lumed. The bezel is a 120 click bezel that sports an aggressive saw tooth design. All three hands are lumed as well. The luminescent material glows very bright, and is actually a lot better than the one feature on the Orient Ray. The difference between this new version and the older model are the hands and the movement. Also, Orient offers the Pro Saturation Diver with a red or white dial. Both are equally as stunning and provide that extra pop on your wrist. The new EL02 Pro Saturation Diver houses the caliber 40N5A which is a 22 jewel self-winding, hand-winding and hacking movement. Additionally, the case and bracelet is fully stainless steel and comes with an additional rubber strap and bracelet changing tool. The case is 45.70mm wide and 16.60mm thick. Lug to lug, its about 54mm. The bracelet features an extendable buckle that enables a perfect fit over a dive suit.

We feel that the 300m Pro Saturation Diver is a perfect watch for the summer – whether it’ll be taken into the water or for a walk on the beach or even a walk around the block. It’s an incredibly built timepiece that is more than just a tool watch.




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