Chatting with Jordan Corey!

What was your first childhood ambition?

My first childhood ambition was to be a zoologist; I really geeked out on the scientific study of animals. I was a really shy kid so this seemed to suit me, but because I was so shy, my mom wanted me to engage in activities that got me out of my shell. So in third grade she had me audition for my school's musical and from that day forward I knew that I would make music for the rest of my life.

Tell us where you grew up and what makes that city special.

I grew up in a small town called Los Gatos in the Bay Area of CA. Its a very quaint little town thats peaceful and beautiful. Los Gatos turned me into a writer - you can almost hear stories in the slight breeze of a summer day. When I visit home, I still love to sit in my backyard and just listen, immersing myself in the sounds, and bathing in that perfect sunlight. (Fun Fact: it used to be a vacation spot for John Steinbeck back in the 1930s).

Growing up, if I wasn't in Los Gatos, I was running around Santa Cruz, playing in the water and dreaming of being the ultimate skater chick. Santa Cruz made me an adventurer and a dreamer, I always felt like I could be whatever I wanted to be in that city. Its empowering how free the people of Santa Cruz are, there's a special energy there.

What kind of music did you start out playing and how has that evolved to today?

I played classical piano from the age of 6 to the age of 12, so that was my first exposure to playing music. Piano is so powerful, it is big and grand and old and when I play it, it feels like I am a part of something bigger, a shared history. When I quit playing classical piano it didn't take me long to begin writing my own music. I was 14 when I first started writing and I was listening to A LOT of old soul. While my music has certainly evolved from plunking out chords on a piano and belting out ballads, the music that I make today is still undeniably soul - that is my foundation, and it all stemmed from ivory keys.

You live on the west side of LA, in Venice... It's got a different vibe out there, sort of a bohemian community... How does that inspire you and your music?

It's an incredible little artist community by the sea, with a lot of history. When I was 15 I was REALLY into the Z-boys and I vowed that I would one day live in forward to today and I've fulfilled my teenage dream.

Its a rad city that reminds me of Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara (I went to school at UCSB and absolutely fell in love with the town by the sea). Bodies of water in general inspire me to create music - I cannot tell you why that is, but it is. Its a source of creation for me, my muse.

You have said that your latest releases have been a change for you, can you describe this to us?

What’s interesting about "All That" [the latest record] is that I had no goal when I began writing it, I think that is the reason why it is so special, why it is such an accurate reflection of my human experience. I was going through a pretty massive reflection period in my life when I was writing it. I mean, I'm in my early 20s, it feels like every day is a new life revelation about the person you want to be haha.

But in all seriousness, I was dedicated to finding my WHY - why did I want to make music? Why did I feel that this was my calling? What did I want to say? And from that dedication to myself this album came to be. I stopped focusing on what music would be "cool" and started focusing on who I am as a person. I was getting in touch with my truths and my heart and writing everything from that space. Its really easy to get bogged down in this city and, like any art form, you can start to second guess yourself. I wanted to empower myself and instead of feeling at a disadvantage I began seeing everything in my life as an opportunity to achieve greatness and a necessary step in the path I was always meant to travel. So "All That" is the apex of....all of that ;)

Sonically, the album is a departure from my last few releases. I worked with one of my very best friends, Ian Sloane, on producing this record - he was really integral to the process. There are more electronic elements to this album than I have ever played with before, but at the very base of it all, lies good ol' soul music, or in this case, Future Soul.

The production on "All That" is the accumulation of countless shows I went to when I moved to Los Angeles. This city subconsciously altered my musical tastes, it is the number one reason the album sounds the way that it sounds.

The design of your latest releases are really cool! Is there a story behind that art?

I feel that the visual component of an album is just as important as the track itself - its this element that brings a project to life. My boyfriend, Robert Tulchin, and I have been doing all of the Art Direction on "All That" - we've spent countless nights banging our heads against the wall trying to shake out the most innovative and wholly representative visuals for the project. We collaborated with the immensely talented sister duo, Carrillo + Decoux for the album and single artwork. I've worked with Carrillo + Decoux in the past and their ability to capture raw, feminine beauty is unearthly.

The "Focus" single artwork is meant to evoke the meaning of the song, it represents expansion and limitlessness. We worked really closely on this project to capture the feeling of the record.

The music video for "Focus" is one of the most integral parts of the project. I produced the video and worked closely with our director and my best friend of 12 years, Jeff Cohn, to capture a captivating piece. This project is the most challenging video work we've done to date, but also our strongest.

What is something people wouldn't guess about you?

Cooking is my release. After a long day in the studio there is nothing I enjoy more than making a delicious meal.

Which Orient watch do you have and what do you like about it? What drew you to choosing that specific watch?

I have the Eminence  watch with black leather and Rose Gold. The simple beauty of the design is what drew me to it. Its clean, classic, and stylish.

Where is the best place you've ever visited? What makes it your favorite?

Thats a difficult question...I went on a heli-hiking trip in Banff National Park a few years back. It was absolutely stunning. I was in awe of the beautiful landscape that surrounded me. The quality of the air alone takes your breath away. I was in a state of serenity the entire time. Talk about living in the present, when I look back on it now, that trip was pivotal in my path to self-discovery.


Jordan Corey is a singer/songwriter/producer based out of Los Angeles. She just released her latest single, "Focus" - you can get the track on iTunes and Bandcamp or listen on Soundcloud. Stay up to date with her through, or via soundcloud, twitter, facebook, instagram or snapchat (@Gordon28)!

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