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Chatting with Ben Browning!

Where did you spend your childhood?

I grew up in a town in Australia called Geelong. It’s close to the ocean and some famous surf beaches like Bells Beach. I was never any good at that though. Being Australian doesn’t automatically make you a good surfer, surprisingly enough.

How many instruments can you play?

Three. Guitar, Keyboard, and Bass Guitar. But that’s it. Definitely not a drummer. I wish I was though.

Tell us about your education regarding music?

I had some piano lessons when I was about 10 years old and that definitely helped me on my way… My education in music really came from playing Beatles songs on my parents’ piano over and over and over.

What about your new record “Turns”. When did you start writing it?

I wrote most of it in 2012 going back and forth between Melbourne and [Washington] DC where i’m based now… When I was writing and recording stuff in DC I was pretty isolated so it helped me focus and get songs finished. Melbourne was more about getting friends involved in the record or getting distracted by other things like watching cricket and going to the pub. (Often both at the same time.)

The first single, “Make It Easy” is so catchy and sounds like such a happy song. What is it about lyrically?

That’s actually an older song and it’s hard to remember what I was writing about. It’s probably about working shitty coffee jobs and having no money, making catchy songs, and just being content with that.

What is your favorite record of the moment, and what about it do you like the most?

I’ve been listening to Toro Y Moi’s latest record. It reminds me of the 90’s when I listened to bands like Weezer and Pavement.

What is your favorite season of the year, what is the best thing about Washington DC in your favorite season?

Washington DC is pretty nice in Autumn. It’s a very green city and the colours in Fall are sensational. Winters are brutally cold and summers uncomfortably hot. So the inbetween seasons are the best.

Like many of the other people we feature, you travel a lot for work and for pleasure - where is the best place you’ve ever visited?  

I’m pretty lucky to have been to hundreds of places touring with Cut Copy. It’s hard to pick favourites. Rio in Brazil is pretty amazing, hard to go past.

Talk about your Orient Bambino, what do you like most about it?  

I like classic styles and this watch fits perfectly in that regard. Big fan of roman numerals too!

If you could go anywhere, any time past/future/present - where would you go and why?

I’d like to go into outer space.

Ben Browning is a multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, and DJ. He plays bass for Cut Copy, and has a solo record - out one week from today, actually! It’s called “Turns” available on iTunes and Amazon via Yellow Year Records. You can hear his singles “Make It Easy” (on Pitchfork) and “Friends of Mine” (on Consequence of Sound). Ben directed his own video for “Make It Easy” - see it here on Nylon!

You can follow Ben Browning on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, andFacebook.

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