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The Calendar for For Wrist: Why our Multi-Calendar Watch is Worth Wearing

The multi-year calendar feature is either one that you’ve never heard of and/or something you don’t see too often on watches these days. It allows a watch to present a full monthly calendar, which is truly unique and nifty in many respects. But how does one put a full calendar on a watch, especially with a finite amount of space on the dial? Here’s how our new Multi-Calendar watch pulls it off:

First of all, the Multi-Calendar isn’t a large watch, being at an average size of 42mm in diameter. The monthly calendar is set up in a curved trapezoidal form at the top and bottom of the watch, which is symmetrical and unobtrusive. The dial sports an exquisite diamond cut pattern and concentric lines around the chapter ring, which adds needed dimension to a design that is predominantly text heavy. The dial is also dressed with polished steel accents, seen in the hour markers and watch hands. The rest of the case mirrors this quality; it too is fully polished and capped with a linked bracelet and fold-over clasp, or leather strap.

The Multi-Calendar watch essentially features a full calendar—the day, the date, and the full month, which all together we’ve yet to see in another watch. Where a glance at the time on your watch may or may not be quicker than checking it on your phone, the Multi-Calendar watch packs more information in a single glance. And judging from the fact that it was designed with a similar luster as Orient’s classic collection, it is sure to look handsome on the wrist for years to come.

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