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The Best Straps to Wear this Summer

They say that the watch tan is the ultimate mark of a watch enthusiast. This summer, whether you’re behind the barbecue or by the beach, one thing’s for certain: wearing the right watch band matters, especially in the heat. We usually focus on the type of watch to wear (more on that later), but today we’re sharing a few tips on the type of watch strap that will help keep you cool and stylish this summer.

Taking care of your watch strap matters too, and after a long day in the heat it might be due for some love and care. Here’s how to do it.

Stainless Steel Bracelet – This comes standard on a majority of our diver watches (think Mako II, Ray II and Mako USA II), and for good reason. They’re water resistant ( and corrosion resistant in salt water), and aren’t prone to soaking up or retaining any kind of sweat.

Rubber Strap – Offered on watches like the Sentinel and the new Nami watch, our rubber watch straps were practically built for the summertime. They’re water resistant, lightweight, and above all, super comfortable.

NATO and Perlon – These popular straps feature a single loop through your watch and offer a casual, lightweight summer alternative. Need some tips on swapping a strap yourself? We’ve got you covered.

Leather – Probably the most stylish of the bunch and an excellent choice for summer bonfires or relaxing out on the deck. We wouldn’t recommend leather straps for the extreme heat, since they are prone to absorbing sweat and water. However, here’s how to give them a good clean.

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