Back in Black - The Orient Producer FDBAD004B0 Released

Square watches have a special place in the watch world. While not as common as their circle shaped counterparts, the square watch stands firmly in the sport and classic categories. Orient Watch USA has just released the Orient Producer (FDBAD004B0) in black which is the perfect complement to the already released Producer with a white dial (FDBAD005W0)

The DBAD004B “Producer” in black has all the features that the white-dialed version was lauded for: a very detailed case, a curved crystal and ornate dial detailing. But what separates this model from the other? For starters, the use of color plays a very important role. The matte black finish of the dial works to accent the silver steel hour markers and hand set. The black and silver color way exudes a dressier motif. The white-dialed version with the blue hand set is sportier looking, simply put. Both watches are more than adequate with a suit and tie. Now, you have more choices to choose from the Producer series.

Matched with a black leather strap and polished stainless steel buckle, the Producer FDBAD004B is an impressive dress watch. The open heart display on the dial tastefully showcases Orient’s in-house caliber 46A40. The Orient Producer retails at only $250 MSRP.


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