Are You Afraid of the Dark? A Look at Orient Watch Lume!

What better way to celebrate the spookiest month of the year with the coolest watch feature you’d use in the dark: lume! Lume is the material that allows watches to glow in low light, and  to us is among one of the most eye-catching features of a watch. Even though we have already discussed the history behind luminescence in watches, we haven’t shared too many photos of what our watches look like in the dark. A high majority of our watches are applied with Nemoto Luminova, a Japanese brand and co-proprietor of Swiss Super LumiNova. In the spirit of the season, we’ve rounded up a few of our most popular models to give you a look at how they glow:

The Neptune

The Kanno

The Kamasu


The Classic AA02

The AA02 Diver

The EM75 XL

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