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Ahoy! The Orient Anchor Has Just Dropped!

FEM7L00 Anchor on leather series.Still014

The perhaps last new watch series from Orient Watch USA for 2013 is the Orient Anchor (EM7L) series. You’ll find that this collection of sport watches have the functionality and wearability to become a permanent fixture in your rotation, or even as a casual watch. Its specs in regard to its price are unthinkable. Say hello to the answer to your holiday gift woes.

This week we’re releasing the portion of the series that’s equipped with a black, pebbled leather strap. We’ve said before that other leather straps that we offer are the most comfortable—well the one on the Anchor, is a worthy challenger. The strap is built tough, but not rigid when taken straight out of the box. It suffices to say that it contours around the wrist quite nicely and is as comfortable as any leather strap will be.

Today, the FEM7L006B0, FEM7L007W0, and FEM7L003B0 are available for purchase. Outside of the dial color and case material, they’re identically the same. They feature stationary bezels (the FEM7L003B has an IP coated black bezel), day and date, and exhibition case backs. The exhibition case backs feature tinted, gold windows for a bit more stylistic flair. Since it has a day and date function (and ‘EM’ in its SKU), you guessed correct—the Anchor houses Orient’s in house caliber 46943—which by the way has been touted as one of Orient’s most robust movements and accurate right out of the box.

The most surprising thing about the Anchor series is the price. The FEM7L006B, FEM7L007W, and FEM7L003B retail at $180, $180, and $195, respectively. Given that the case is full stainless steel, the movement is made in house in Japan, and that it has an exhibition case back, we believe that there’s no other watch out there that can compete in this price range. And given that you can save 30% by using code ‘winter2013’ at check out, the Orient Anchor is this holiday season’s bargain.

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