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Ahead of the Competition - The New Orient Speedster FET0M001B0 FET0M001B

FET0M001B0 Speedster.Still031To build upon the very successful release of the FET0M001W0 Speedster, here’s the FET0M001B0, in black. The large, racing inspired piece is a fantastic choice for the fall winter, as it’s high contrast design should make telling time as easy as ever.

The FET0M001B is what we call a ‘multi-eyed watch’ and features day, date and a 24 hour dial complications. We were very pleased with the layout presentation of these complications on the dial—the concentric circling and use of brushed stainless steel framing maintains the sportiness. A closer look reveals that the dial is even more complex than we thought (although no more crowded or hard to read). The sub dials sit upon a matte black dial. Working outwards is an etched circular design that runs until the end of the white luminescent hour markers. The chapter ring is taken up by the slide rule. The color scheme of the dial is of a classic black, red and white racing aesthetic. The sub dial hands are highlighted in a glossy crimson, while the fence post hands are lumed in white with a black satin base. The seconds hand is also lumed, which is definitely an added bonus. The rounded sawtooth stationary bezel adds to racing character of the watch as well.

The watch measures at 46mm without the crown. It features a combination polished/brushed stainless steel case and an exhibition case back. The oscillating weight to the movement is decorated, which is simply unheard of in a watch of this price point. The FET0M001B Speedster retails at $345 but can be had for around $241 after using code ‘fall2013’ at check out. There’s a reason why the previous white dialed version sold out instantly!

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