The AC08 Version 4 is Here!

In what’s become a season full of surprises, it appears we have yet another: the AC08 4 has just arrived stateside and is available now. The three colorways that are currently available are incredibly unique and handsome in their own right, and utilize colors and materials in a way that had yet to be seen.

On the surface, it might be easy to mistake the AC08 Version 4 with the original Contemporary Classic. For this fourth iteration of the timeless collection, we chose to move back to its roots, all the while taking inspiration from previous models along the way. Sure, the signature domed crystal is there, but unlike the original, the hour markers on the Version 4 are rounded and diamond shaped. The hands are a lot thinner (which is perhaps a hat tip to the Version 2), and the seconds hand has been partially dipped with a red accent. The sunburst dial colors are striking as well: the midnight blue and emerald models feature an ombré-like transition which is most likely attributed to the domed dial.

The new AC08 Version 4 has become slight larger, moving away from the traditional 40.5mm width of previous models and instead becoming a modern 42mm across. The movement is identical to those seen in the 2nd Generation AC00 Version 1 and 2 and are completely automatic, hand-winding, hacking. The straps are also unique, especially with the use of color contrast in the leather lining. Additionally, the dark grey colorway is offered on a suede, camel-colored strap!

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