A Touch of Style and Elegance: Introducing the Brand New ET0T Version 2! (FET0T002S0, FET0T002B0, FET0P001W0)

New to the Executive series is the brand new Version 2 (ET0T). Today, it is being released in three color variations: white and black on stainless steel (FET0T002S0 and FET0T002B0, respectively) and cream/eggshell in rose tone (FET0T001W0). All three models come with a leather strap and matching deployment clasp.

Instead of comparing/contrasting with the previous model, we’ll talk about the features we love about this new model. The intricacies of the dial are immaculate and one could say that it crosses the watch from the executive look to classic territory. From the concentric pattern on the other ring to the guilloche-styled finish on the interior and sub dials, the new ET0T Version 2 has all the markings and embellishments of a luxury watch. What will also be noticed is the incredible depth of the dial—from the looks of the date window cut out, it appears as though the dial is built in layers. This comes as no surprise as the case is measured at 14.1mm thick. The day indicator sub dial looks to be embossed and the day and night indicator is raised above all. The silver screws mirror that of the previous  model and even in a more classic looking watch it does not look out of place. The curved hand set and roman numeral hour markers add to the exquisiteness to an already ornate dial. The color contrast drawn from the night and day disk, red Sunday highlight, and Orient logo, really ties the look together. And like the model that came before it, the dial is protected by a sapphire crystal that will keep the watch looking new. The 42.5mm wide case is fully polished and features curved, stepped lugs that channel an art deco inspired design. The crown is stamped with the Orient logo, and by turning the watch around, an exhibition case back showcases the in house made Orient caliber 46B46 movement. The oscillating weight has been ribbed to match the elegance of the piece. The black and white dialed models (FET00T002B and FET0T002S) retail at $395, while the rose tone model (FET0T001W) retails at $435.

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