A Talk with Misha Vladimirskiy!

We know you mainly as a photographer, can you tell us about your other work?

Beyond my commercial photography I am a partner in a boutique creative agency called Butchershop a full service creative house, specializing in solving problems and telling great stories. I personally run all of our photo/video projects and partnerships. We also have a photo/video agency FilterlessCo.

Tell us what you do:

I am a visual storyteller. I love creating images, still and moving, that tell a story within them.

How did you get your start in creative work?

I was doing genetic research at Stanford while I was 16, and after a while wasn’t into it and my older brother was home from college. I asked him one day what should I do. He looked at one of my photos and said, "you're pretty good at this just be a photographer." So I picked up a camera and haven't stopped since.

Is it hard to stay focused in a creative field? What do you do to maintain focus?

I work on many projects at the same time, its the only way I can hyperfocus everything while I'm on each project.

What's the hardest struggle you and your colleagues experience on a consistent basis? What's the best advice you've gotten/given to overcome the struggle?

Ultimate struggle to any creative is showing your worth, clients always say “thats going to take you a little so can you do it for 10th of the price” what most people don't understand there's a reason you're coming to a professional. I have 4 years of college then I have 17+ years of professional experience you wouldnt go to your doctor and go, "hey thats a quick surgery can you just do it for free." So our solution is be fair and if its not right, walk away and 90% of the time they come back cause they wanted you in the first place.

San Francisco is a beautiful city, having lived there for several years - do you get inspiration from the city?

Surprisingly after being here for over 10 years, I still do I have a camera with me everyday and always find something new.

What's the best style advice you can give someone?

Be happy with yourself and always wear what feels good.

Tell us about your Orient watch.

I chose the Voyager because of its clean lines and classic look. I love black watches, they go with everything... and since in my line of work I go from sneakers to a tux every day, I need a timepiece that can fit any look.

What is something the public would never guess about you?

I am pretty shy, most people don't ever believe that.

Where's the most beautiful place you've ever been?

Most beautiful place I’ve ever been hmm I think there's something beautiful about everyplace, so then its every place.

If you could go anywhere, at any time period - where would you go and why?

1000 years from now some where in the universe, I am a Sci-Fi geek so anything to do with space travel.

Misha Vladimirskiy was born in the Soviet Union, and immigrated to the US in 1992. He received a BFA from CCAC. Misha's work has been featured in SPIN, FHM, NME and shows up daily in 7×7 Magazine. Visit Butchershop Creative here. You can follow him on Twitter here, and Instagram here.

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