A Glimpse at Orient Urban: 3 Important Features

The Orient Urban series offers a modern watch design for women looking for more personality in a wrist watch. Check out these 3 important features of the Urban.

1. Quartz Movement

While Orient's signature movements are automatic, the Orient Urban watches feature a quartz movement. Because of this, the Urban watches are smaller, sleeker, and much lighter in weight. Additionally, quartz movements tend to be more accurate than automatics, require fewer repairs, and do not need to be manually wound.

2. Great Style

The Orient Urban offers a modern feel on a uniquely square-shaped watch case. Available in a white, black, or bronze dial, the Urban watches go from professional to elegant with ease.

A simple black band wraps up this watch with a subtle, classic look.

3. Quality Materials

Orient's Urban watches, as mentioned, are built with a solid, accurate quartz movement. In addition, Urban features a stainless steel case, crystal glass covering the dial, and a urethane band that boasts both comfort and durability.

Lastly, these watches are built strong with a water resistant case.

What's your favorite feature of the Orient Urban series? Reply below!

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