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A Gentleman's Watch - The New Orient Producer

With a square, angular, stainless steel case, the Producer is an updated executive-style watch with a bit of classic flair. In a market full of round shaped timepieces, the new FDBAD005W0 Producer stands in a category of its own because of its eye popping design and handsome modernity.

The intricacies of the dial are highly representative of Orient’s attention to detail. What started as a regular sunburst dial was refined with a concentric graining in the middle. This signature concentric pattern is separated with a subtle pin striping which highlights the midsection and embellishes it a healthy glow. Brushed steel hour markers were applied to the dial and feature a small amount of luminescent material at the tips. The color contrast is primarily exhibited by the sharp metallic blue hand set, and while the stunning cobalt could be considered the focal point of the watch, the open heart display is surely the main feature—it provides the wearer with a glimpse of the pulsating, in-house made mechanical watch movement.

The structural nuances of the square case greatly complement the detail of the dial. From the outside working inward, the case appears to be built in layers of alternating brushed and polished stainless steel. This understated “staircase” motif greatly establishes the regality of the watch. The case measures 45.5mm x 35.5mm and is 12.2mm thick (at its thickest point—the case is curved). The watch is accompanied with a dark brown leather strap. The Orient Producer retails at only $250 MSRP.


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