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A Different Kind of Disk - The FER02000FD0 FER0200FD

FER0200FD0 Disk.Still014Today, we’re unveiling the FER0200FD0 Disk. In a total turn from its counterparts, the FER0200FD0 is a white dialed disk watch that is equally as easy to read. Its favorable color palette is everything you’d expect from Orient’s innovative Disk line.

While the rest of the Disk line is full of dark dials and equally dark, IP coated bracelets, the FER0200FD (as previously mentioned) is a total 180 degree turn. It features an eggshell white matted dial with the right amount of color to keep things interesting and above all, ultra-modern. You’ll notice that each hour marker is a royal blue color, with red accents in the chapter ring. Between each hour bar are neutral grey hash marks for minutes. The minute and seconds hands are made of thin stainless steel that is a perfect match to the rest of the case. The way the Orient Disk works is by a cutout hour hand that moves as time goes on. In the case of the FER0200FD, the hour hand will change in color and design pattern, which makes for a very fun, contemporary piece.

The top of the 41.4mm case is brushed steel while the sides and case back are all fully polished. The exhibition case back continues the Orient Disk tradition with a colored glass, which in this case, is green. An oyster-styled bracelet completes the piece. The Orient FER0200FD retails at $340, but can be purchased for only $238 after using code ‘fall2013’ at check out.

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