The Anchor Has Dropped Again! The Orient Anchor Now on Stainless Steel!

FEM7L002B9 Anchor Gold.Still016Last week we released the EM7L Orient Anchor series, specifically the models on a leather strap. Today we’re adding to the collection with models on a stainless steel bracelet.

We’ve added all stainless steel models with a white, black and blue dial. They’re great casual watches that can be worn every day. They’re watches that are light enough to forget about until you need it most. And it doesn’t hurt that they look great. They feature easy to read, well lumed dials and day/date functionality. Additionally, they have an exhibition case back and tinted window. The Orient Anchor is powered by Orient’s legendary 46943 caliber. Aside from the classic white, black and blue versions, we’ve also got a blacked out, IP coated piece and a black bezel model. The FEM7L001B is a fully IP black coated watch that’s very stylish with winter wear. The FEM7L002B features a regular silver stainless steel bracelet and case, but with a black IP bezel. The dial also has slick gold accents that really pop with the piece as a whole.

Watches that look great don’t have to come at a high cost. The FEM7L005W, FEM7L004D and FEM7L004B (in white, blue and black, respectively) retail at only $185. The FEM7L001B retails at $235 and the FEM7L002B retails at $195. Keep in mind that by using code ‘winter2013’ at check out, you can save 30% off your order and get free ground shipping!

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