3 Favorite Features of the Orient Prime

The Orient Prime is a 5-star rated executive watch, available in 3 classic styles: black and silver, black and gold, and black and rose gold.

So what is it people love about this watch?

Here are 3 essential features that customers loved about the Orient Prime.

Comfortable Band

A notable aspect of the Orient Prime is its comfort. With a durable, lightweight urethane band, the Prime offers a comfortable fit.

The Prime's case has a diameter of 44mm (including the crown) with an 11mm thickness. While a large size, the Prime is not overpowering and fits well on wrists both large and small.

Unisex Style

In addition to being remarkably versatile, whether worn with business, casual, or sports attire, the Prime is also unisex, wearing well for men or women.

The Prime is large but not overwhelmingly so and, as mentioned, has a comfortable and adjustable fit for many wrist sizes.

Solid Design

Finally, the Prime is equipped with a solid design. Staying true to its roots, Orient has created another classic watch style that will outlast trends and fads.

Customers have noted the desirable color combinations featured on the Prime watches, particularly the design featuring a black dial with gold accents.

What's your favorite feature of the Orient Prime? Reply below!

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