Another Classic - the Orient Curator FFD0J003B0 in Black

Orient Curator FFD0J003BO.Still011

Slated to release to today is the new Orient Curator FFD0J003B0 in black and stainless steel. The past few releases were in white and grey dialed variations, so it’s very interesting to see this model in classic black and silver.

Now the newest Orient Curator has all the familiar styling found on the rest of the FD0J line. The power reserve, date and sapphire crystal combo have been a part of the winning recipe for the Curator: simply because you wouldn’t be able to find a watch at this price with all these feature. The black dial is jet black with a bit of a sun ray affect in the middle. The stainless steel contrast really sets off the look of the entire piece. It truly is handsome, especially with all the polished stainless steel that make up the case and hands. The lume on the dial is quite impressive as well. Did we mention that the hour markers are brushed stainless steel? You may be thinking "Wait...that's a feature usually found on a sports watch? I thought this was more of a dress watch!". We thought that as well, but with polished steel applied to the sloped edge of each index, this particular look works beautifully and not to mention makes the piece simply one of a kind. The matte black crocodile stamped leather strap adds to the sophistication of the Curator and easily makes this dressy piece a must have.

The Curator FFD0J003B0 is priced at $415, but if you apply code “summer2013” at check out, you can drop the price to about $290. One heck of a deal for an in house movement and sapphire crystal!

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