The 2016 Orient Gift Guide!

Yep, it's that time of the year again. To make your shopping a bit easier, we've created this guide to help you find the perfect watch for whoever is on your list (which should include yourself!).

THE ADVENTURERthe-adventurer-copy

Nylon Pilot's Watch– An easy to read layout and a rugged nylon/leather hybrid strap is a camper’s dream. Not to mention it’s incredibly bright lume should come in handy during those impromptu night hikes. $295

EM65 USA II – Features a solid construction including a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, solid end-links, 200m water resistance, and a newly developed movement. All of which should give any outdoorsman a little piece of mind. $375

M-Force Air Diver – The M-Force’s ISO-compliant case structure enables enhanced water resistance, anti-magnetism and shock absorption, making it capable of tackling any and all tasks ahead. $560  

THE MOTORISTthe-motorist-copy

Drifter Chronograph – This split timer is our take on the modern sport chronograph, and it’s clean, concise design is the perfect lightweight watch to take to the track. Did we also mention that it can measure time at 1/20th of a second? $250

Monterey Chronograph – This handsome chronograph is nothing more than a sports watch built in the silhouette of a dressier timepiece. It’s our most dapper weekend drive companion to date. $305

The M-Force x STI Limited Edition – We took to the track with the Subaru STI racing team at Nürburgring, and equipped the WRX STI tS with this limited edition M-Force watch. By sporting a carbon fiber dial, fuel gauge power reserve indicator, and a classic racing colorway, this is a racing watch through and through. $725  

THE TRAVELERthe-traveler-copy

Adventurer World Time– This is a world timer, which means that it displays the time in 24 time zones simultaneously. Catching that connecting flight may have just gotten easier. $535

GMT – A true gentleman’s GMT watch, equipped with an impeccable design and an additional power reserve indicator. If there was one watch you’d wear from deplaning and straight to a business meeting, this would be it. $575

Voyager Dual Time – One part traveler watch and one part sport piece, especially when considering its 100m water resistance and screwed-down crown design. It’s outer slide rule bezel will make currency conversions a cinch. $800  

THE SARTORIALLY-INCLINEDthe-sartorially-inclined-copy

2nd Generation AC00 Version 2 – Roman numerals and other vintage-inspired design features help fill the signature canvas. This might be the quintessential dress watch, and is among our most popular models for a reason. $300

AC08 Version 4 – Even as a fresh-faced addition to the contemporary classic line, the new Version 4 holds its own. It’s blend of unique colorways and an ombre-like dial finish makes it one of the sharpest releases this year. $310

Orient Star Classic – We took design inspiration from the contemporary classic series, and elevated it with the craftsmanship of the Orient Star brand. It might be smaller in size, but it still packs a stylistic punch. $630  

THE CREATIVE MINDthe-design-minded-copy

Sentinel – Perhaps our most modern piece yet, complete with eye-popping color contrast, mismatched hands, and unique flair. It’s easy on the eyes, in more ways than one. $315

Howard – The art deco influence in our latest gentleman’s watch is undeniable: from the numbering, to the pinstripe, to each individual pip. With the Howard, the roaring ‘20s are alive and well. $335

ET0T – This watch has a lot going on, and the only way it’s able to pull it off is because one thing: texture. The amount of layering observed on the dial allows everything to come together in perfect harmony. $395  

THE CITY SEARCHERthe-city-searcher-copy

Symphony, Gen. II – Sporting a highly versatile design, it’s perfect for those who are constantly on the go. An added scratch-resistant sapphire crystal will keep it looking fresh and new. $280

Trooper – Sometimes, all we’re looking for is an everyday watch that looks the part and functions as it should. With a set of nifty features (including a 24 hour dial) and a pair of solid end links, the Trooper does what it’s supposed to do, and then some. $305

AA02 – Fresh off the press is the upgraded version of an Orient classic, one that has helped jumpstart many collections. It can be worn with just about everything, from a suit to a T-shirt and jeans. $325  

THE TINKERERthe-tinkerer-copy

Monarch – If the contemporary classic was a tribute to the watches of yesteryear, the Monarch collection might have taken that idea a step further. Its hand-wind-only movement is proudly on display through an exhibition case back. $335

Eclipse – With an open heart dial design and see-through case back, the technical workings of our 46A41 caliber mechanical movement is on display for you and the world to see. It’s not hard to get caught staring at the balance wheel pulsate back and forth. It’s considered to be the heart of the watch, after all. $350

Dual II – Sure, we’ve seen watches with multiple movements, but how about one that has two completely different ones? The Dual II features the intrigue of a mechanical movement with the straight forward accuracy of battery powered one, both of which run independently. $365

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