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From the Road to the Wrist: A Look at the Sporty Apex Watch!

Besides the obvious co-branding between watch and car brands (including our own with Subaru STI), a solid automatic racing watch is pretty hard to find these days. Many take design inspiration from the cars that make it on the track, while others embody the spirit of racing and competition with an aggressive design and feel. In addition to the updated Rally collection, we’re pleased to introduce the Apex, our latest line of racing watches that’s sure to complement your Sunday drive gear.

The Apex is powered by the Orient caliber 46B40 automatic movement, which features the day of the week, the date and a 24 hour indicator. The 24 hour indicator lacks a hand, instead opting for an arrow at the bottom left. The beauty of the Apex is circled around the fact that each complication is laid out on the dial in a way that’s easy to read, and accessible at a quick glance. Additionally, a slide rule (which has the ability to help measure speed) can be found along the outer edge.

The Apex sports bold color combinations that help complete an in-your-face design. It’s available in classic black/red and black/gold racing motifs, and in some models with an accompanying leather strap that features an eye-catching contrast stitching.

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