What's On Our Wrist, Spring 2024

All month we've pointed out our favorite watches of the season, whether they're classic or sport, or even in rose gold. But what if we had to boil it down to a top five? We're here to end that debate: Here are our top five references for this spring and what you'll probably find on our wrist this season.

RA-AR00 Semi-Skeleton

Fresh off the presses this season we have the 2024 refresh of the RA-AR00 Semi-Skeleton models that came out several years that never quite made their way into our collection here at Orient Watch USA.

Featuring bright pastels and eye catching colors this time around this is a watch we're eager to give some wrist time this season


Bambino Version 8 

Borrowing the F6B movement from our classic collection, the Bambino Version 8 has a few more design motifs that completely sets it apart from all of the Bambinos that have come before. While stile maintaining the classic silhouette that has made the Bambino a fan favorite for years.

Speaking of the F6B movement how can we forget the watch that started it all. The RA-AK00. Featuring a slightly chunkier case and sapphire crystal compared to the aforementioned Bambino Version 8
AC0Q-40 Diver
On the sporty sides of things we can't recommend the AC0Q 40 Diver enough. Coming in eye popping purple and salmon pastels, as well as black, white and blue for our less adventurous there's a version of this watch that is suitable for every taste.
Bambino Open Heart
Sometimes simplicity is king, which is where the Bambino Open Heart comes in. The dauphine hands and hour markers are throwback to watches of yesteryear.