What You'll Find on Our Wrists, Winter 2022

Looking for the perfect watch this season? Winter watches are equal parts resilient and refined style. They’re built to weather the elements while looking great on the wrist. Below are our favorite watches to wear this season:

AA08 Diver – In the sea of diver watches in our Sport collection, the AA08 Diver line offered something new: an antique inspired look featuring weathered hour markers and hands, a rich dial gradient, and a two-toned, high gloss bezel insert. But even with all of these new eye-catching features this new collection is still of the Orient diver lineage, with the technical spec to perform in adverse conditions.


AC0H Pilot’s Watch – Our pilot’s watch is back and better than ever, now available on several different straps. We incrementally beefed up the case, upgraded the movement, and modified the dial to look a little less cluttered. The result is a cleaner design that’s easier to read and a robust watch that can handle whatever the winter season has planned.


Contemporary Classic Version 4 – Even when the winter weather can make the day seem dreary, the watch on your wrist doesn’t have to follow suit. The Contemporary Classic Version 4 is a prime example of how you can fit yourself with a burst of color. It features the signature domed architecture and unique strap choices, including a camel-colored suede and a blue-tinted leather.


AC0E Classic – Sharp looks would be an understatement, especially when it comes to this classic piece. The AC0E features clean lines, fantastic legibility and practical functionality. It is available in an array of different colors, from a reserved flat black, to a brighter blueish green. It’s a no fuss watch that can be worn everyday or dressed up when you’re in a pinch.


World Map (Revival) – This release of the original 1969 World Map was part of the Revival collection that celebrated the brand’s 70th anniversary. Orient got as close to a 1:1 reproduction as it could, including the map on the dial, the inner rotating bezel, fluted outer bezel, day and date functionality, and polished cushion case. But in true Orient fashion, the movement was updated to the caliber F6922.