Here's What's on Our Wrists this Summer

Forget what everyone says: the perfect summer time watch is the one that you can trust and rely on, from braving the sweltering heat to feeling relaxed on the beach. Here are pieces you’ll find on our wrists this summer.

AA0C Sport - For a casual summer look, our AA0C Sport watch has you covered.  Coming in at 41.9 mm with a matte finished black dial, this watch will leave a big impression while it’s on your wrist.


AG00 Open Heart - As a mainstay in our collection for years, the AG00 Open Heart can be found on our wrists year-round. We don’t know what's easier to get lost in: the rich blue dial, or beating heart of our F6T22 movement.


AC0H Pilot’s Watch - There’s no need to actually jet set to look fly this summer, especially with a watch that looks and functions like our latest pilot piece. Featuring a distinct khaki dial, prepare for visibility at all altitudes.


AA08 Diver Limited Edition - Our latest limited edition diver is sure to make a splash at any function you might find yourself at this summer. And since it’s limited to 2,800 pieces worldwide, this summer might be the only time it’s available for purchase.


Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase - There’s nothing time like summer to hanging out on a boat or by the beach in the summertime, so which Orient watch would be more fitting than our flagship Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase? With its mother of pearl dial and exquisite finishing this watch will be yet another standout piece of your summer.