Here's What's on Our Wrists this Fall

Crisp air, crunchy leaves, fresh fall accessories. What can be better? Here are the timepieces you'll find on our wrist this fall.

RA-AR01 Open-Heart – The open heart-dial and exhibition case back help put Orient’s F6S22 movement is on full display. While the dial itself is black through and through, the reflection of the rose gold accents create the illusion of an almost chocolate colored dial.

Contemporary Classic Version 7 - It's been something that the watch community has requested for years, and now it’s finally here. The AC0M Version 7 takes all the design cues that have made the Orient Contemporary Classic collection a fan favorite and repackaged it into a 38mm case.

The Kanno – We love earth tones in the fall, which made choosing the Kanno in green definitely one of our top choices. The days might be getting shorter, but the sunburst finish on the dial and luminescence will definitely shine bright when it counts.

The AC0K Diver Limited Edition– This diver features a brilliant ombré gold dial that mimics the changing leaf colors. The RA-AC0K05G00B is on the larger side of our collection at over 43mm, so if you’re looking for a piece with wrist presence, this may be right up your alley.

AK04 Field Watch - If you ask us, there's no time quite like autumn to enjoy the great outdoors. And when it comes to outdoor activities you'll find one of our trusty field watches by our side. It strikes the perfect balance between technical function and everyday wearability.