A Wise Men’s Guide to Style

There are enough rules in life...RIGHT?  

Of course, everyone has an opinion on what looks fashionable.  – and no doubt 

what works for one doesn’t always work for another, or what works for one could be considered too pedestrian or too avant-garde by another. 

With wristwatches, it’s no different. Some are fans of a watch that makes a bold and modern statement, others love a watch that is more understated and classic.

When it comes to watch culture and fashion there have always been rules. 

Rules are a funny thing though.

We tend to think that they can be bent or broken because maybe (just maybe) the perfect look or definitive statement for you might be the unconventional. 

We prepared “The Wise Men’s Guide to Style” to help you find the perfect Orient watch for anyone no matter their fashion preferences. Our hints, tips, and tricks will help take your look to the next level OR help you pick that perfect gift this holiday. 

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Timeless classics: 


This holiday season ROSE GOLD with models such as our AK00 Version 3 brings sophistication to styling. 

Rose gold offers a warmer color than the traditional gold, while never sacrificing quality. Some rose gold tones are more understated but they nonetheless possess the same kind of pop of color that can make a statement. We find it a perfect pairing with that daring suit jacket or even go unconventional and dress up your jeans and tee shirt vibe with a bold and brash look. 

Pairing tip: Black, Denim, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Orange even Pink. 


Wise men know Gold when they see it. 

Traditionally, gold pieces were recognized for their elegance and class and reserved only for the most formal. We feel differently as there are plenty of innovative ways gold can balance or contrast your favorite looks with a stunning timepiece. For a more modern, fashion-forward look, gold can be used as an accent on the dial and hands to subtly contrast against a silver case. We show our best sampling of gold with our World Map Revival and AG00 Open Heart bringing that elevated game. They're an easy choice for those looking for a little more flash.

Pairing tip: Gray, Forest Green, Light beige, Royal Blue, even Navy Blue


The silver bells are ringing in the holidays, but a silver watch will ring all year-round. 

A stainless steel Sport Collection watch or Classic Collection piece is incredibly versatile for any lifestyle. Polished, brushed, or even bead blasted, they're perfect for a day out on the water or a night out on the town. Models like the Kamasu and Helios are a couple of quality highlights. Sometimes you may want to swap out the band on your watch for a steel bracelet because why not!   Orient’s 316L steel bracelets are built with the same high-quality standards that we put into all our watches. Style is never sacrificed either; you'll find excellent value and the highest quality all captured in a striking look. A perfect addition to any wise man’s collection.  

Pairing Tip: A perfect watch for a companion bracelet or beads, Sporty, Classic. Contemporary it doesn’t matter Silver goes with everything. Just remember to match your belt buckle. 


Be it pebbled, textured, matte, or suede there is just something about leather and that something has stood the test of time when it comes to fashion and wristwatches. Orient’s genuine leather bands are the perfect accessories. Choose from a wide assortment of styles such as the AC00 Version 2 for a formal event or if its just a casual night out or in, take a look at our AA0C Sport

Best of all, when leather is broken in and aged it begins to take on a personality all its own. 

Oh… and you can't beat the comfort - Leather is a perfect choice and gift for all seasons. 

Pairing Tip: Leather - is great with ….. LEATHER! Most “style guides” say match that belt and those shoes. Of course, they do not have to be exact texture colors, etc….But try to match lights with lights, mediums to mediums, darks to darks. 

Modern Twists: 


Rubber is a unique alternative to metal or leather bands. Incredibly versatile and strong, it’s the perfect fit for an active lifestyle. It’s stretchy so it’s super comfortable and lightweight like your favorite pair of sweats... That doesn’t mean it can’t be classy.  Sometimes the perfect wrapping for your favorite sport-watch is a quality rubber strap especially if you are wanting to switch up your style a bit.

Being water-resistant our bands are the perfect pairing for our Kanno and our M-Force AC0L watches. Rubber is an excellent no-maintenance material - and perfect for an active lifestyle. 

Pairing tip: Sharks, Rays, Tees, Sunshine.


Fabric straps have become a fashion-forward trend for all wise men and women! A Nato or Perlon strap is at home on your wrist during an exciting adventure through the wilderness as it is making a subtle statement on your wrist when you are grabbing a cup of coffee from your favorite roaster with your friends. There is no better on-off watch for those constantly looking forward than our AC0H Pilot’s Watch and our AK04 Field Watch. The Orient Fabric band watches are hard to beat for rugged quality and versatility. 

Pairing tip: Your favorite casual overcoat, a comfy henley, modest dark colors.  Pro Tip: tuck in the excess strap and fold into the keeper. Dare to be you!


Look deep into the watch face…. There is just something about that classic blue color, especially if it's on an Orient watch!! While white and black and cream are great stapes of any collection. There is something about being a little more daring and in your face. A red, a green, or even the classic Orient two tone watches are a sure-fire way to make a bold statement while still looking great!

Our watches such as Kamasu and Kanno show that just a little pop of color on the wrist is a real conversation starter and it’s all you need to take your style to the next level. No matter your style, Orient Watch is the perfect pairing for you! 


There is nothing more upsetting than falling in love with a beautiful timepiece only to discover that the lume paired with the piece is dim and poor quality. Lume is both a functional element as well as a beautiful accent on any watch. Orient watches provide quality lume that doesn't bite into the pocketbook. With daring style and easy-to-read dials. You can dive into an Orient Watch with Nemoto Luminova at reasonably priced levels on styles such as the AA08 Diver and Kamasu. Orient Watches’ refined approach to lume uses cutting-edge technology that illuminates brilliantly in low light. There is something just magical about an Orient Watch all-a-glow. 

So stop wandering in the fashion desert and follow the Wise Man’s Guide to Style and find your perfect gift or pairing for your lifestyle this Holiday season.