The Orient Star Classic - SEL05002B0

The next release in line behind the Orient Star Classic SEL05003W0 is the SEL05002B0, the black dialed version of the exciting pseudo-reincarnation of the Orient Bambino and 60th Anniversary edition. It’s no secret that the SEL05002B0 is very similar to its white-dialed counterpart. However, each watch has its own personality.

If the color contrast in the white version was too bright or extravagant, the new black version could do the trick. Featuring an illustrious black satin dial matched with a smooth domed crystal, this Orient Classic is one of the finest dress watches that Orient has to offer. And while it is a dress watch at heart, the stainless steel bracelet makes it suitable for everyday wear. Keep in mind that in the Orient Star Classic line offers models on a stainless steel bracelet while its predecessors did not.The case is 38.5mm and 13.10mm thick. The lug to lug length is approximately 44mm. As mentioned before, the smaller case size is not the same size as classic watches from the past, however compared to the average watch size in today’s world, are considered classic altogether. The case material is of full polished stainless steel throughout with drilled lugs. The bracelet is topped off with a double push button clasp that bears the Orient Star logo. The movement is the Orient caliber 40N52 which is fully self-winding, hand-winding and hacking. The movement, which bears the special Orient Star oscillating weight, can be seen through the exhibition case back.

This Orient Star Classic (EL05002B) retails at $690,which comes to about $480 after using code ‘spring2013’ at check out. At this price, and considering the quality craftsmanship of Orient Star, it is of outstanding value.

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