The Mako USA: We upgraded our popular Mako model!

With the assistance of the watch community and Reddit’s /r/Watches we deliver The Mako USA: an upgraded version of our flagship Mako dive watch. For over ten years (the winter of 2004 to be exact), the Orient Mako has been a staple among both enthusiasts and casual watch wearers. It came in a variety of colors, black, blue, orange and briefly in yellow, which has only been released twice. With Orient's in-house movement, solid specs, and a clean design - how can it be beat? The Mako USA has a new look, and a few great surprises you wouldn't expect from a watch of this caliber.

Nearly every part of the Mako USA has been improved. Now it boasts a tough sapphire crystal, sturdy solid end links, and a precise 120-click rotating bezel:

- Sapphire crystals are highly scratch resistant, and are 3 times harder than mineral crystal, making these watches appear more scratch free and keep the watch looking brand new!

- The dial and hand set on the Mako USA have been changed, and are now coated with Nemoto Luminova® which is known to be one of the brightest, lasting pigments on the market. Great lume is a critical feature to look for in a dive watch, and this improvement speaks to our desire to create the best dive watch possible.

- In addition to Jet Black and Royal Blue, the Mako USA is also available in Stark White, a unique and uncommon color in the world of dive watches.

- Under the hood is the revered caliber 46943 movement, in production for more than 40 years [this movement has been fine-tuned for decades].

- The lugs are now drilled on each side so the wearer doesn't have to push the spring bars out from between the lug and strap (which could scratch the metal). Now you can easily push through the drilled portion to disengage the spring bar, which makes strap swapping quite easy. This is truly a time saving feature when changing straps on the fly.

- The Mako USA uses the same kind of diver bracelet as the original Mako that features a double button fold-over with a safety clasp.

- The case size of 41.5mm hasn’t been changed from the original Mako, and it's still water resistant to 200m. This makes the Mako USA just as tough and water resistant, but with upgraded parts and features.

- The bezel sits higher than the crystal, which should help prevent scratching head-on.

With added robust features and renewed integrity as a solid dive watch, it is a must-have for watch fans. We’re proud to have upgraded a classic and beloved watch, and to add the Mako USA to the celebrated Mako lineage.

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