The Flight Gets a New Look!

A few months ago we announced the Flight Nylon collection, consisting of new renditions of the Flight watch, in IP Black and Forest Green. The Flight Nylon is distinguished by its use of a new nylon strap instead of the original leather, and we’re excited to announce the THIRD in this new collection - the Flight Nylon watch in navy. While the case and dial haven’t changed, here are some details about our sleek new nylon straps:

- This is the first time that this type of strap has been used on an Orient Watch.

- Its strap has leather padding on the back for increased comfort, which means it won’t be rough on the wrist like other purely nylon straps.

- The front of the strap is reinforced with leather, especially around the eyelets and strap loops.

- The brushed steel buckle is less curved and more pronounced to fit the overall utilitarian look of the watch.

- The sturdy nylon knit gives the watch a military look and is made durable to withstand any kind of task.

Explore the full collection here.

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