The All New Orient Speedster FET0M001W0

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The new Orient Speedster (FET0M001W0) is new for 2013, and after having it briefly in your hands or on your wrist you know it’s a keeper. With its racing inspired looks, it’s easily one of the nicest sport watches to be released this year, and comes at a perfect time (during the beginning of summer).

The dial itself is a very unique talking point.  The base dial FET0M001W0 is a white sunburst with a stamped ring pattern on the outer edge. This creates a wonderful contrasting shine on the dial, no matter which angle you look at it. Each index is a stainless steel bar (with the exception of the twelve o’clock that is a double bar) with lume applied to each bar. The dial has hash marks for each minute and each second. The hands are black and glossy, almost to the point that they look wet. The chapter ring and inner bezel are taken up by a rather nifty slide rule that is rotatable with the three o’clock pin. The crown at four o’clock is used to set the time and date.

The presentation of the three sub dials is what really dictates the character of the watch. Now we’ve seen pieces with a similar movement (the ET0K and ET0L lines), but the Speedster by far has the most interesting layout (because it is a sport watch rather than an executive watch). The Speedster is embellished with stainless steel plating that frames the date and 24-hour dial (together) and also the day dial. The color is that of gunmetal, and because of its color contrast against the white base dial, is further accented and looks quite aggressive. This is by far our favorite feature, along with the stationary bezel. If the sub dials create the character of the watch, then the bezel certainly gives it attitude. The Speedster has a flat, brushed stainless steel bezel with a light saw tooth finish along the edges which is very reminiscent of a diver watch. It’s a very sporty detail that complements its other features very nicely.

The case is fairly simple with brushed lugs and polished sides and case back. The Speedster is pretty large in size: 46mm without the crown and 52mm lug to lug. The lug width is 23mm. The case is reminiscent of the 469 anniversary edition watch; however this may be due solely to its large size. The bracelet is oyster-styled, similar to the one found on the uber popular Mako.  The clasp is a fold over double push button with a safety. Furthermore, the Speedster is topped off with an exhibition case back that proudly displays Orient’s 46B45 in house caliber.

The Speedster is an exciting new watch from Orient this year and we’re thrilled to have it as part of the USA collection. However, we received a very, very limited quantity in this color. At $345 MSRP, you can get it today for around $240, which is a great price for a watch of this caliber, and an automatic watch in general.

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