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The All New Orient Bambino Version 2, here's the FER2400BW0!

FER2400BW0 Bambino.Still009The Orient Bambino is one of the most successful and top selling from Orient’s mechanical watch line. How do you make something so great even greater? Add to the collection! Today, we’re excited to announce the new FER2400BW0, a fresh take on the instant classic. With a domed crystal that helped define the popular Bambino series, the newest Bambino is refreshed with a new look that is worthy of the popular achieved by its predecessors. So what’s changed? We discuss the differences.


Firstly, the ER2400BW sports a white dial with rose gold accents; a combination not seen in the earlier Bambinos. Secondly, a great distinction between the current model and the previous model is the usage of Roman numeral hour markers. This provides a more classic look to the piece. Here, the numerals are displayed in an even number sequence (2, 4, 6 etc.) as opposed to the traditional three, six, nine, twelve sequence. Each off number is denoted with a bar. If you’re wondering why ‘IIII’ was used instead of ‘IV’ for the number four, it all has to do with creating symmetry on the dial. The rose gold colored hands are slimmer and more flat than the dauphine hands on the original Bambino. The thin hands are reminiscent of classic watches from the past. Also noticeably different is the outer chapter ring which looks like a track that runs around the dial. The markers not only denote the seconds, but really give the ER2400BW a vintage feel. It’s arguably one of our favorite features on the watch, hands down.

The case shape has remained the same – at 40.5mm. We think this is a perfect size because it’s not too big, and not too small. The crown changed from a domed crown to an antique-styled crown, a great choice that is befitting of a vintage looking piece. The domed crystal is identical between both models.

In all, the new Orient Bambino makes a great addition to the line. While the initial models are bold in the dial, the new model is more reserved and gives a kind of vintage appeal. Two great choices if you’re in the market for a dress watch. The FER2400BW retails at $260, but with if you use code ‘fall2013’, it’ll drop to around $182.

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