Style Watch: Sporty

With the Australian Open wrapping up we have our eyes on Orient Sport watches for men and women.

For women,  Orient’s Ms. Diver watch is a stylish accessory to wear while you work on your fitness. It is water resistant up to 200m and has a stainless steel casing. This quartz watch has urethane band material and a trendy white dial and blue shimmer bezel. You may not be able to swing like the pros but at least you’ll look good trying!

For men, Orient’s Mako Rubber watch is a best seller for a reason! The dial has a cobalt blue dial and the red accented second hand gives it a sporty edge – and just in case you want to play a few round in the dark,  this watch also has illumination. As a diver watch the Mako is versatile for land and sea. Water resistant up to 200m you can wear this watch from the tennis court right into the ocean. What’s not to love?


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