Style Watch - Leather Bands

The band of a watch can change the whole style of the watch. A leather band is perfect for a professional atmosphere but can also be dressed down for casual settings. Leather bands can also evoke a nostalgia and vintage feel,  unlike metal bands.

Leather bands fit snug around the wrist that may be more comfortable for some wearers. A leather strap can also be easier to replace if it is damaged or worn out. Lets take a look at some of Orient’s watches that have leather bands...

Chicane – This beautiful automatic watch comes with either a black or brown leather band. Coupled with its simple and chic dial this watch has a modern feel. This watch retails at $190.

Esteem – This bestseller watch has an old-world feel with its clean dial. It features a small semi-skeleton detail,  just enough to accent its antique style. This watch also comes in black and brown leather.

Noble – This watch has an exhibition caseback and is a semi-skeleton. Its design is a little more contemporary,  elevating the leather band feature. This watch retails for $675.

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