Style: Colorful Dials

We know that Orient produces classic, timeless watches with in-house movements and quality pieces and parts. At the same time, Orient's watches can still be trendy, hip, and cool. Though not as wild as some of these candy-colored timepieces, Orient still masters the colorful dial with ease. Check out these bright looks.


Orient's ever so popular Mako watches come in a variety of styles, including 2 bright hued dials. The orange and yellow Mako styles really pop, adding color and fun to any outfit.

The orange Mako is available on either a classic stainless steel or a urethane (rubber) band. Either style is well-suited for the water or simply as an accent piece. Yellow is available only with a stainless steel band. Makos on stainless steel bands retail for a mere $215; urethane banded Makos retail for $180.


If divers aren't your thing, don't worry, you can still find a colorful timepiece. Take Orient's Marshall watches for examples. These racing watches feature dials in 3 bright, unique colors.

Turquoise, green, and red stand out on a classic watch face. These rich colors contrast with a slim price tag. Retailing for just $250, the Marshall watches create a perfect blend of authentic Orient construction and current trends and styles.


Orient's Disk watches may not immediately look colorful, but just wait. The hour hand is not a hand, but a disk (hence the watch's name), and it's a colorful disk at that. As time goes by, the disk reveals a rainbow of colors throughout the day.

Available in 2 styles, Disk looks professional at first blush but then reveals a much brighter, more fun interior. Retailing for $340, the Disk style is becoming an increasingly popular choice by watch enthusiasts.

Check out all of these watches and many more at Orient Watch USA. Questions, comments? Leave them below!

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