Starting a Watch Collection for Under $1000, Part 2

Getting bitten by the watch “bug” can be both exciting and overwhelming. Watch collecting may not seem like the most accessible hobby in the world (especially with mechanical watches), but with Orient Watch, starting a well-rounded collection doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here’s our second installment covering how we would start a fantastic mechanical watch collection for under $1000. And we’re not talking about just one watch, but three to get you started. You can read our first post here.

The AA02 USA II, in Royal Blue – We cannot tout this collection enough, because we made the most accessible diver watch even better. Like many other models, this fan-favorite was upgraded once more, and along with a tough sapphire crystal, solid end links and bright lume, it’s now powered by our new automatic, hand-winding, and hacking movement. The AA02 USA II is undoubtedly one of our most complete watches in both style and specifications, and one that can be worn at the beach and in the boardroom. $375

The 2nd Generation AC00, in Black – The Contemporary Classic generated a lot of buzz among watch collectors. They were enamored by its domed crystal and dial, its timeless design, and modern size. Like the AA02 USA II, it also recently received an upgraded movement, furthering its case as one of the most approachable watches in our entire collection. The new AC00 will fill the dressy watch void and be the go-to timepiece for special events, a day at the office, and happy hour that follows. $300

The Trooper, in Grey – The Trooper collection was an entirely new release in the summer of 2016, and already it’s one of our more robust pieces. That’s because it is equipped with a sapphire crystal and solid end links, similar to that of the AA02 USA II. It also features a day, date, and 24 hour indicator on the dial, which should come in handy for those who are always on the go. We love the grey dial version to help round out this starter collection because it can be paired with nearly any outfit. And with drilled lug holes, strap swapping becomes incredibly easy and the watch is instantly customizable. $305

These three watches total to just $980, which is $20 under the $1000 budget. A small price to pay when considering you'll have all your bases covered!

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